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1988 (the August that never ended)
by Rage
Based on rp with Cugami. Disclaimer: Neither Jiraishin nor SD is mine.


[An answering machine message, August 3, 1988, 6:57pm]

The guys... we just heard the news. I'm really sorry. Call me. Come over. Or if you want, I'll come over.

[An answering machine message, August 5, 1988, 8:36pm]

Hanamichi... I stopped by yesterday but you weren't there so... whenever you get this message, give me a call.

[An answering machine message, August 8, 1988, 5:42pm]

Hey, Hanamichi. Are you there? Come on, pick up the phone...Alright...just. When you get back, call me.

[An answering machine message, August 19, 1988, 7:15am]

Hanamichi?... Fuck. *click*

[A letter slid under the front door, August 23, 4:13am]

Where are you?

[A letter slid under the front door, August 27, 1988]

I don't know where you are or when you'll get this... but answer me, alright? Write back, call me. Come over. ANYTHING. I'm waiting a few more days. A few more and then I'm calling the cops. Maybe you'll be all pissed but. I'm sorry I'm fucking WORRIED about you. I am. The clowns are. Come on. Don't block us out.

[A letter, August 30, 1988]


I'm fine. But I have to go. Sorry.









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