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Attempted to brush off my portraiture skills because that's one of the things that drew me into art in the very begining (OMG! I can, like, draw people and make big bucks! Yeah, I was a capitalist bastard even at age 12. Actually made a decent amount off of my classmates who wanted mother/fathers days gifts.) Portraiture was my _thing_ see? Way before comics even appeared on the horizon.

Anyway.... Sam Lee with photo reference. A first attempt at complete OC painting painting, ie painting without illustrative/comicy lineart and actually... I think it's my first color 'portrait' of anyone that isn't me. Ever!

(I call it portrait because I'm trying to be realistic painting-wise. So there.)

In terms of capturing his likeness, I think I FAILED MISERABLY. *sob* death. The real actor is far more ratty looking and starved and bouncy and well... like a happy, scrawny rodent.

Granted, I only spent like... 1-2 hours on this thing. Ahah *makes excuses*

Though, if you think successful portraiture involves taking a subject and drawing them while retaining their basic identifiable characteristics AND at the same time making them pretty--- ahah. I think I managed that. :P

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