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Ritual Privacy
Rated: PG-13
Notes: An old story based on a comic I ended up not drawing. Written before I understood the concept of _restraint_ with emphasis-type punctuation. This is my first completed story ever.
Summary: Snake demons and Bird demons don't always mix, despite attempts otherwise.

Last Rites
Rated: G
Notes: Another comic based story that never got drawn. Though, I do intend to do an illustration for this. Intended for a cooperation set of illustrations with Louise but we never got around to it yet.
Summary: Daemon mourns the loss of one of his precious goldfish when he is forced to flush her dead little corpse down the toilet.

A collection of concept snippets
Rated: PG
Notes: I used to roleplay on a Mud called Cities of M'Dhoria, and during that time I played a character by the name of Astnor Th'Ras. When I eventually left the game, I took him and put him into a world of my making, as well as other characters with the permission of their players. These snippets were written to help me solidify my concept of Astnor before I went about writing a novel-length story.
Summary: Astnor in the past.



Fukuda poem collection
Rated: G
Notes: These are a small collection of poetry I wrote while rping Fukuda in the rpg AfterIH.
Summary: I'm told it's post-modern.