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Slam Dunk Please note that for awhile, I was writing under 2 different names 'male' Rage and the 'female' Genocide. I've consolidated everything now. Stories are in order from oldest to newest within their sections.


Every Cliche In the Book
Rated: from G to NC-17
Notes: So one day I got to talking with Seph about how fanfiction cliches weren't BAD necessarily. There had to be something good if so many people liked it. So. I decided to try my hand at cliche fic writing and spat out 'As the World Falls Around Our Ears' into Seph's chat window. I had so much fun, that 'Another Brick In the Wall' followd soon after. But then, I thought that it was enough and I'd proved my point to myself and people don't really like this pairing much anyway. >_> Well, the bunnies wouldn't stop coming so the two standalone stories have become a series of standalones.
Summary: Two boys. Many cliches.

[Here There Be Dragons]
Rated: from G to NC-17
Notes: Side A is a fusion with the manga Jiraishin that I've dreamed about and have hashed over and rped out with Cugami. Bless her bloody little heart of angst and pain.
Summary: Side A answers the question, "What if Youhei was a cop and he and Sakuragi had been separate for a good 15-20 years?"


Taste Touch
Rating: G- PG
Notes: Gift fic for Seph. Beginings of the style I like to use now when I write.
Summary: Kiyota, Rukawa and a case of chocolate lust.

Rated: G
Notes: Wherein I answer 'More Fukuda' requests and my style is finally cemented.
Summary:Sendoh watches Fukuda by the seashore after a particularly notable game. His shoes get soaked.

Driver's High
Rated: G
Notes: Chatfic with Seph on the tail end of a longwinded complaint of Characterization Mutilation
Summary: Tetsuo and his motorcycle. Thoughts, fast driving and cop chases.

Just Say No
Rated: G
Notes: Yet Another long night with Seph complaining about male characterization in fic. A challenge by Seph.
Summary: Tetsuo, Mitsui and drugs.

Boys of Summer
Rated: PG-13
Notes: Personal irritation with complete lack of females in SD fandom. Irritation with female bashing in general. Here's yet another reactionary fic--I sense a pattern
Summary: Ayako thinks on the boys in her life.

Notes: Another attempt at writing lesser used characters.
Summary:Hikoichi musings. UST. But not quite.

Triptych: Nicotine
Notes: Based on events of the rpg AfterIH where Sekigawa is Mito Youhei's blood father and Mito Kaoru is his much-too-young mother.
Summary: Addiction runs in the family.


Rurouni Kenshin

Something Vague
Rated: PG
Notes: Giftfic for Julie.
Summary: Hiko and Saitou have at it by the ocean in fine, manly style.

Notes: Another Giftfic for Julie.
Summary: Hiko has a little bit of a problem. Saitou runs interference.



Red Museum
Rated: G
Notes: Ficlet. Answer to Livia's X-Titles challenge.
Summary: A look at the Luthors.


Harry Potter


Rating: G
Notes:see here
Summary: after the less than spectacular defeat of Voldemort, life goes on. Neville picks up an interesting doll from an interesting bunch of women. Things get odd.


Porker (or The Losing Side)105wds
Rating: PG13 (for somewhat disturbing images)
Notes: Was supposed to be a much longer fic but I got sidetracked. I may continue this later. Comments anyone?
Summary: Vernon Dursley, Severus Snape. There is no magic.