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Just Say No
by Rage
Blame: I blame YOU Seph!!
Requirements: Guys being guys, drugs, no crying


Mitsui slid his hand into his jacket pocket, feeling the comforting crinkle of the doctor's notice between his fingers. The knee was still fine. He would still be able to play. The amount of sheer relief he'd had at that announcement made him feel faintly ridiculous. Almost.

Thinking good thoughts, Mitsui idly made his way down the mostly empty street. It had gotten much darker during the time he was at the clinic, but he could still see easily as the street lamps flickered to life.

He frowned as no more than a block ahead, he spotted a large figure drifting almost...floatingly...towards him. There was something familiar about the mass of hair and schlepy clothes.

He cautiously continued forward when the figure glided to a stop just outside of the glow of the lamp.


Mitsui blinked then smiled. "Tetsuo." The large man had his hands in his pockets, shoulders slumped and what seemed to be an easy expression slathered across his face. Mitsui couldn't quite tell, the dimming light sent dark shadows across Tetsuo's already craggy features.

"The bitch is gone."


"My Bandit."

Mitsui cast about trying to figure out what to say next until he suddenly remembered about Tetsuo's motorcycle. "Your bike?"

Tetsui nodded agreeably. "She ditched me and ran off with a Corvett. Those damned fancy imports. They're probably having great mechanical sex as we speak." He snorted derisively before leaning in closer to murmur in confiding tones, "She a bit of a slut. But I still love her."

Mitsui finally got a good look at him and said, "You're trashed."

Tetsuo leaned back, every line in his body slouched and relaxed. He nodded once.


"You're so high."

Tetsuo grinned widely at him and leaned back against the light post with careless ease.


Mitsui opened his mouth to say something afterschool specialish but shut it again because Tetsuo was big, could fight better than him and wouldn't listen to him anyway.

Tetsuo grinned wider as he looked at him, and Mitsui had the sneaking suspicion that he knew what was going through his head anyway.

"Gonna be good and tell me to stop?"

Mitsui just looked back at him steadily. "You shouldn't trip alone."

Tetsuo's gaze flickered a bit and he turned away, studying the street, though still relaxed as anything. But with whatever it is he'd taken, Mitsui didn't think he could become anything _but_ relaxed.

"Second-hand can be worse sometimes, Sportsman." Narrow eyes squinted at him from behind a wild mass of tangled hair. "Doesn't that show up on tests or something?"

Mitui shrugged. "Only if you're smoking up. I can always keep the window open." He leaned against the lamp post by Tetsuo. "But you don't smoke anymore."

That hadn't been phrased as a question.

Tetsuo nodded and grinned again. "Grass hasn't worked for me since the middle of highscool."

Mitui grunted and they watch as a few cars wizz by. Some unwary pedestrians nearly getting smushed at the interesection. Mitsui could hear their cursing from his end of the block.

He figured, he might as well say it. It's supposed to be one of those friendly duty things. "You, uh, shouldn't, you know."

Tetsuo looked over at him, a thick eyebrow rising to his hairline.

"Drugs are bad."

There's an odd sparkle in his eye that Mitsui isn't sure he'd seen since the last time Tetsuo had given Kaneda a taste of his MegaSupaWedgie of DOOM.

He flinched as a large hand reached over. Squawked as he suddenly found his cheek grabbed in a tearfully painful pinch.

He thought he heard wild laughter.

"Damn! You really said it! You don't know what this means to me." Tetsuo was definately laughing. "You're adorable."

Mitsui couldn't decide which to be more horrified about: being laughed at for being adorable, or the fact that Tetsuo actually used the word 'adorable'. He mentally filed it away for later--when he could look back on the thought without cringing. It would be good blackmail material.

"You're _so_ high." Mitsui gritted out from behind clenched teeth, instead of the kick to the shin he wanted to give. Tetsuo. Much. Bigger. He twisted and broke free, rubbing his face.

Tetsuo only laughed harder.




---the End