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Taste Touch
by Rage
To Seph who's been complaining of the lack of Kiyota x Rukawa fics. And because I like chocolate, dammit.
Disclaimer: This is a disclaimer. Hopefully you know what that means.


He hates chocolate. Hates the way it's so sticky and smeary and sacchrine sweet. Can't quite rid himself of the image of a nightmarish industrial factory processing hardened bars of cow dung. Kiyota prefers bitter/sour anything over the stuff.

Which doesn't quite explain why he's standing in front of Rukawa and offering him one of those foil wrapped chocolate oranges. Orange flavored, or something. Whatever. It's this thing that's been building up in the back of his mind since absolutely forever. Now or never.

And Rukawa is looking down at him from up top of his damnably long might-as-well-be-stilts legs. Kiyota glares back up at him. With just a touch of defiance.

He takes the round offering from him without saying a thing, fingers brushing momentarily against his. Plunks himself down, right there on the steps and carefully picks at the wrapper.

Rukawa, you see, has a secret vice of sorts. Kiyota noticed it after the fifth or sixth time he'd accidentally walked into Shohoku's locker room, or whevever else they'd taken to looming around at in their distinctive "We're all potential or ex-gang members" way. Rukawa with his fingers surreptiously dipping into his bag when he thought no one was looking. Rukawa quickly bringing a small bit of brown sugary thing and stuffing it into his mouth before anyone notices.

Yeah. He's an addict.

Kiyota sits down next to him and watches as the chocolate disappears into Rukawa's mouth. A strong scent of not quite real oranges filling his nostrils. Watches as a little bit of melting dark brown is left behind to coat the other boy's lower lip.

He's leaning forward before he realises it.

Just a taste.

It's wet and warm, and he can Something salty. Something else tangy. Rukawa must have eaten not long before. Nachos. Perhaps pickles? But over it all, the strongest, is the chocolate. The chocolate and the orange, twisting and turning together, it just makes the taste that is Rukawa all that much stronger. And as the seconds tic by, Kiyota decides that if this is all it takes to make chocolate taste this good. He'd be doing this much more often.

Kissing Rukawa.

Fingers tangled through short, messy hair. Wet slide of tongue against teeth and more tongue. Rukawa is pulling away, his eyes wide and all shocky. Sorta like that time Sakuragi actually managed to make a basket. Yeah.

Kiyota lets his hand drop and can barely keep himself from preening. Who says nothing can get past that famous icicle composure?

"What was that?" Rukawa's staring at him, still shocked looking but it's rapidly being replaced with something else. Something considering and thoughtful.

Kiyota doesn't bother hiding his grin.

"Nothing. Just eat your chocolate."