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A collection of concept snippets
by rage


jam artist is stream of concious in the mind's need to
speak what the mouth refuses to say

And in this moment there is
truely an asphyxiation point
between the me that is within you
and the you that I want to see
and the things we don't want to know about
but do
so pretend we shall
and smile brightly
while saying through that second mouth
back of our head
where mother keeps her eyes
"You suck much. But I'll still say I know you."


Club addict to dancing and high fashion in dark corners of dark places where I dream of sounds and feel the rhythm of pounding beats to sneakered feet on the squeaking waxed floors as we rush and scream and demand to win that final moment as ball-through-hoop gives its exultant swish of recognition in their eyes and that spark of intelligence that fades to nothing in class as they realize... I actually like chemistry.


unnamed poem
each breath takes
to a different plane
the thought that what you want from me
is nothing like uncooked spam
or the pink meat of
your shower fresh flesh
in delirious bliss of my mental imaginings
unsatisfied either way
we both
drink the morning


when night owls stay up too long
I spend an afternoon
Watching you from behind
Realizing as you turn
That I don't recognize you
Under the glare of sunlight
For the first time

Twilight shadow is far kinder And as your lip curls
With polite distaste
I know
I'm not much better